Fergus Paterson

Mr. Fergus Paterson
is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in disorders of the knee joint

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Operation Close Ups
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Keyhole surgery
Close-up of key-hole surgery.


Outer menisens
Arthroscopic view of the
Outer (Lateral) Meniscus

Arthroscopic view of the
Anterior Cruciate Ligament

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More correctly known as arthroscopic surgery, this technique is highly beneficial to patients because it involves a minimally invasive technique, is usually done as a day case and is conducive to a remarkably quick recovery.

The arthroscope is one of the most valuable and informative diagnostic tools available to the orthopaedic surgeon. It consists of a fibre-optic probe attached to a miniature camera which can be inserted into the joint through a small incision (less than 1cm diameter) which allows the surgeon to see and assess damage to the joint through images projected on a TV monitor.

Aside from cosmetic considerations of reduced scarring, the major benefit is that of minimal trauma as compared to traditional open surgical procedures and of course the consequent reduction in pain. Walking is possible immediately afterwards.

Arthroscopic surgery utilises a variety of small specialised instruments that are passed in and out of the keyhole incisions. The majority of routine operations on the knee can now be carried out arthroscopically including quite complex procedures such as ACL reconstruction. However, not all knee conditions are able to benefit from arthroscopy and some still necessitate the use of traditional open surgical techniques e.g. knee replacement. The last decade has seen significant technical advances allowing more procedures to be carried out using this methodology and this progress is expected to continue.

An example of arthroscopic surgery can be seen on the Operating Theatre page.

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